Gender: woman
Birthdate: January 1,
Lives in: Oceanside, California, United States
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18 year old woman in Oceanside, California, United States Looking For: Men for erotic email exchange, Phone fantasies or active participation
me: a japanese girl in socal with very submissive tendencies & fantasies… cute and bubbly on the outside, humble sex slave on the inside… looking for a dom man to help me get started on the proper path of cockpleasing… especially into orgasm control/denial, anal+oral+atm, domestic & sexual humiliation…

you: older, dominant, strict, bit of a bastard in a manly way… but still understanding of my inexperience and enjoying training, correcting, disciplining to make me a better servant to your cock & whims…

us: im in socal and not immediately available to move anywhere… im realistic and would wanna meet socially… wont get myself into anything stupid, just kinky & perverted…
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