Gender: woman
Birthdate: December 30,
Lives in: Peoria, Illinois, United States
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18 year old woman in Peoria, Illinois, United States Looking For: Men or Couples (man and woman) for erotic email exchange or active participation
I guess the first thing to say is that I?m young, new and ready to learn. I?ve been interested in the topic of sex in general since I was in middle school; when curiosity got the better of me and I turned the safe search off on Google. Years after that I was learning more and more without any actual experience, dying to be touched but waiting for the right person to be my first. Even before then I had acted out fantasies of being a slave in my writing, literally. One of my characters was a real slave sold to an unwavering man and she adored him. Without even realizing it I had made a girl who gained pleasure only from pleasing the man she loved and would do whatever he said because it brought her joy. That was maybe two or three years ago. Out of high school and into college my knowledge of kink has expanded but I?ve yet to have any real experience. I?m no longer a cherry to the vanilla world, but I haven?t had any real kink in the bedroom. And while I know some, I know there?s also an understanding that can only come from true experience and I?m very eager to have some. I?m not looking for a master at the moment, but for friends and knowledge and perhaps the occasional playmate to help fill my need for kink. Don?t be mistaken, it?s not because I?m scared but simply too busy. I?m currently in college and don?t have the time to be someone?s slave while focusing on school and extra curricular activities. Because of my lack of real experience I also have limits, but I?m willing to push those with the right master when the time comes. But just because I want to serve does not mean you can bully me. In the bedroom I?ll be your devoted girl, doing what you ask and happily saying ?Yes Sir,? to yours orders. Outside of the bedroom I?m strong and stubborn and creative. I won?t back down if I know I?m right, but I?ll admit when I?m proven wrong. I?m goofy, random, sensual, stubborn, insatiable and obsessive about things I care about. If you think you might be interested in helping teach me the ways of this new world, write me Friends Online Dating. I don?t bite unless you tell me to.
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