Gender: woman
Birthdate: March 10,
Lives in: Memphis, Tennessee, United States
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18 year old woman in Memphis, Tennessee, United States Looking For: Men, Women or Couples (man and woman) for erotic email exchange, Phone fantasies, Performing only (little or no contact), Watching only (little or no contact) or active participation
First off, I’m not a fruit. My name says discreetly me. It does not say discreet lyme. And lime is spelled with an I, just to be clear. Sure, you can call my lyme if that’s what tickles your fancy, but it’s nice to know that people know words.

Remember me?

Yeah, you might. I’ve been a member of this site before, but due to my lifestyle being outed to my family in a manner that I did not want to happen, I deleted my old account. Sorry, but I didn’t have any time to say goodbyes.

The good news is, I’m back! And hopefully to stay.

I’ve gotta be a little more discreet now, however. You will not find any mentions of my name or any face pictures on my profile. Please respect that and do not refer to me by my real name, if you knew it.

I’ve had quite a bit of fun though, before I was outed at least. I’ve learned that I have quite the masochistic side, and that I bruise easily. I love being paddled, single tailed, flogged, cropped, spanked, and caned. I love being tied up. I love cages. I’m sure I love a lot more things, but that’s all I’ve really tried so far.

I will smile and giggle throughout scenes. In my last scene, I stared giggling while being singletailed, and was then beaten by some wooden Dom-Depot contraption on my thighs (which I happened to break…that was a good bruise!).

Needles and blood freak me out. If you’re into that, enjoy it! I will not participate with anything that pierces my skin. Yuck.

I was going to be involved with a local group before craziness ensued, and I hope to continue with that in the near future.

I’m smart. I’m a college student with a mechanical engineering major. I will not dumb myself down for anyone. I’m clever, and I like to prove it.

If you want to know more about me, please ask. I’d love to get to know as many people as I can.
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